Apple vs Blackberry | Battle Of The Accessories

With all this fierce competition between Apple and Blackberry, I would like to put the devices aside for a moment and let the accessories go head to head. After all, a device needs good casing just as much as it’s owner needs to dress presentably. In this post I present a great ipad and playbook case, as well as an iphone and blackberry case from Mr Porter.

Chechbi Tweed Wool iPad Case

Cherchbi’s bags always excite me, probably because tweed is one of my favourite materials, which is the material Cherchbi uses to make its bags. This grey wool tweed ipad case has a brown leather trim, front metal closing, rivets and canvas lining.


Valextra Leather Blackberry Playbook Case

Not feeling the tweed? Well Valextra offers this tan leather case with contrasting teal stitching throughout and a magnetic flap closure for the BlackBerry Playbook.


WANT Les Essentials De La Vie Newbery Leather iPhone Case

iPhone comes back strong with this nutmeg leather with front snap-fastening close, two interior card slots, elasticated hold and logo by WANT Les Essentials de la Vie.


Valextra Handmade Leather Blackberry Case

Blackberry doesnt fall behind though, they offer this  Valextra handmade leather BlackBerry case in black with elastic band.

Difficult choice? Its all really quite subjective.

All products available from Mr Porter.

Katello Mande

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